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I left Regency England and headed east in my new release, VIXEN. This story takes place in 1850s Imperial China, where Ling Xin is determined to become Empress. That means she must learn the art of seduction and the only tutor available is the sexy scholar next door. Zhi Hao is fully focused on passing the imperial exam to become a magistrate, but gets very distracted when a beautiful woman tries to seduce him. He thinks she’s a mystical fox spirit come to distract him from his future. She thinks he’s her only shot at becoming an empress. Both of them know they’re playing with fire.

Vixen by Jade Lee


In 1850s Imperial China, Ling Xin is determined to become Empress, but to win the emperor’s favor, she must learn the art of seduction. Her unlikely tutor, the scholarly Zhi Hao, ignites a forbidden passion. This exotic story unravels a tale of ambition, desire, and dangerous secrets.

That’s the short, promotional tale of VIXEN, but the truth of the tale comes from my mother. She loved to tell family ghost stories from China. Best of all, she made it seem like these things happened to my uncle or cousin, even if they were from several dynasties ago.

The tale of The Fox Woman was about my “uncle” who was in the last month of study before taking the imperial exam. One night, a beautiful woman appeared in his doorway, tempting him away from his books. He refused to go, and she disappeared.

The very next night, during a bad thunderstorm, my uncle got into bed and felt something at the foot of his bed. Startled, he kicked it out the window, into the courtyard where a lightning bolt struck with a loud bang! In the morning, he found the body of a red fox right where the lightning bolt had struck.

 Clearly, that was the body of a Fox Spirit come to tempt my uncle away from his great future. He was praised for being devoted to his studies and did indeed pass the exam. Eventually he had a good life in the imperial court.

Personally, I felt bad for the poor fox, and I wasn’t so keen on the “study 24/7 or fail in life” message. (My mother was a hard taskmaster.) Nevertheless, the story stuck with me and became the story VIXEN, but I changed the moral to something I value highly: love against all odds.

Though I still say it happened to my “uncle.”

See if you like my version better!

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