Vixen by Jade Lee

Excerpt from Vixen

In 1850s Imperial China, Ling Xin is determined to become Empress, but to win the emperor's favor, she must learn the art of seduction. Her unlikely tutor, the scholarly Zhi Hao, ignites a forbidden passion. This exotic story unravels a tale of ambition, desire, and dangerous secrets. Discover passion and intrigue in Vixen, where romance defies the strictest of traditions.
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Almost a Scot by Jade Lee

Excerpt from Almost A Scot

Sometimes a Lady Needs a Villain… Lady Iseabail Spalding flees to London, hiding from her ruthless uncle. Discovered by the ambitious rogue Reuben Bates, she must navigate his schemes to stay hidden. As they match wits and hearts, Reuben must decide between his ambitions and saving the woman he's come to care for, risking everything to confront the darkness in Scotland.
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Lady Scot by Jade Lee

Excerpt from Lady Scot

Get ready, London—Scots are taking over the Season! Mairi MacAdaidh, weary of Scottish heartbreak, heads to London for a sensible Sassenach husband. But Connall Aberbeag won't let her go without a fight. Facing highwaymen, fops, and his own stubborn cousin, Connall pursues the fiery Mairi, leading to a spirited clash of wills and a heartfelt journey to true love.
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Lord Scot by Jade Lee

Excerpt from Lord Scot

Lord Loughton seeks a spirited wife to tame his unruly Scottish kin, but Lady Clara, a London devotee, has no intention of obliging—until a ghost hunt in the highlands reveals a family united by their quirks. To claim her place and her love, Clara must embrace the untamed Scottish life and the man who stands ready to fight by her side.
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