Vixen by Jade Lee


Zhi Hao has one goal: to pass the imperial exam, and eventually become a magistrate.

That will get him the salary to support his parents and sisters. Eventually, he wants a wife and children, but not now. So, he is completely unprepared when a mystical fox spirit, in the shape of a beautiful woman, comes to seduce him. One night’s weakness might end his bright future, and yet he is unable to resist.

Ling Xin is no vixen. She’s a woman competing to become Empress of China. She knows everything a young woman is supposed to learn, but then, so have all the other women in the running. What she doesn’t know is how to seduce a man. And she’s heard that the emperor isn’t impressed with purity. What she needs is a crash course in temptation, and the only possible tutor is the sexy scholar next door.

It’s a dangerous game they’re playing, one they can’t win. If they’re caught, they’ll both die. If they’re not…she’ll still be in the Forbidden City, lost to him.

But passion has its own demands…and love, its wondrous possibilities…

Dragonblade Publishing

June 22, 2024



Praise for


“A most unique historical romance ever. This is one of my favorite authors and now even more so.” — 5 stars — Jo, Goodreads reviews

“A delightful sexy love story with a nice twist at the end. “ — 5 stars — Loretta, Goodreads review

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