The Dragon Earl by Jade Lee

The Dragon Earl

His family slaughtered in far-off China, young Jacob Cato finds sanctuary in a Xi Lin temple. There he heals and learns to be strong.

Now, Jacob wishes to join his care-takers as a full member of the temple and is told he must first return to his homeland and make peace with his English inheritance.

At Evelyn Stanton’s lavish wedding, the bald-headed Chinese monk striding down the center aisle is shocking. Watching that man dispatch three groomsmen, unarmed, then learning he is the long-lost heir to the Earldom of Warhaven and the new groom, is even more so.

But Evelyn Stanton isn’t the typical blushing bride. A fully realized woman, she isn’t about to marry the very non-English Jacob Cato just because she was betrothed to him when she was six.

At the sight of the very beautiful and very English Evelyn Stanton, Jacob’s body begins burning with an unexpected passion and the past he thought forgotten takes new form. The murderer who slaughtered his family and left him for dead will pay. His lawful English heritage will be claimed and he will have the woman who is rightfully his.

Jacob Cato has come to make his peace. How that peace will come, is about to be decided.

October 4, 2012



Praise for

The Dragon Earl

“…hypnotic…” — Romance Reviews Today

“An exotic and emotional historical romantic tale of self discovery… Stunning and highly evocative…” –

“Romance is about to become more interesting as cultures collide.” – Fresh Reviews

Jade Lee has created a fascinating historical romance by bringing a bit of the Chinese culture to England. Her characters are very compelling and complex. Evelyn is torn between being the prim and proper Countess that she was trained to be and the wild and wanton seductress that Jacob brings out in her. Jacob is caught between the peace he craves by becoming a monk, and the rage he feels from his family’s slaughter. Their paths are not easy ones, and the path to each other is covered with many obstacles. This story was intriguing, and I found myself quickly ensconced in the action. THE DRAGON EARL is a wonderful romantic treat penned with a unique, sensual flavor. – Fresh Fiction reviews

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