Devil's Bargain by Jade Lee

Devil’s Bargain

Lynette is a penniless relation, thanks to the sudden death of her father.

Refusing to burden her extended family, Lynette resigns to the inevitable: selling herself into marriage.

But to whom? Viscount Marlocka carnal, unrepentant, dark-devil of a manhas offered to arrange a profitable match.

But for a price.

The Viscount will teach her all she must know about ensnaring a manusing touch and tongueopening her to the pleasures of the flesh. In turn, she must obey without question, trusting his whispered promises.

But who will be caught, and who will be saved?

October 4, 2012



Praise for

Devil’s Bargain

Another Gem from Jade Lee — A super sexy book from a talented writer. You may dislike the viscount but you will understand him. Lynette and Adrian are both trying to save themselves from a disastrous life. Characterization is spot-on. Side characters are well drawn. We are as intrigued as Lynette is in the unfolding of the story. A definite page turner. – La Deetda Reads

5 stars – Brilliant! — I absolutely loved reading this. I love regency romances but this was different in that the hero wasn’t your usual rich, arrogant & titled nobleman. He was a broke nobleman trying to turn his fortunes round in a most unusual manner and the heroine was very unusual as well. This book looks more at the darker side of the regency period and I found myself rooting for the hero and heroine. Knowing that they’ll end up together but not seeing how as everything seemed to be set against them. Needless to say I was in tears at the end of the book when things did work out for them. – Joyce, Amazon Reviewer

5 stars — Ms. Lee has penned a must-read of a series with her “Regency Rags-to-Riches” novels, and DEVIL’S BARGAIN was just plain fun. And yet, amongst the witty plot, engaging hero and heroine, I found a storyline that I could easily see happening in the Regency era, with its social mores and emotionally societal restrictions. There’s a ring of truth in the plight of Lynette, who endures a very realistic horror of her own when she agrees to be “sold” into upper-crust matrimony. How she deals with her decision, how she rises above the unfortunate aspects of her choice and remakes herself, creates the kind of romance that’s a real page-turner. – Valyrian, Goodreads Review

5 stars — Loved it loved it loved it. Stayed up all night and read it in one go. If you love your Historical Romances with amazing love scenes but need a book that is amazingly written as well which will pull at your emotions, This is it. Absolutely brilliant – Sarka, Goodreads review

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