Almost an Angel Endorsements

A refreshingly unique “time travel” (loosely speaking) for fans who delight in something rather different.” — Harriet Klausner, #1 reviewer

“Light, airy and sometimes deadly serious. An intriguing tale.” – Rendezvous Reviews Online

The writing is absolutely beautiful. She creates from the beginning effortlessly a romantic and touch-feely atmosphere. While she allows the plot to be told in third person she never forgets the reader and guides them carefully through the difficult topic of schizophrenia or the dangers of the slums. – Zimt’s Reviews

5 stars — Twists and turns of the plot leave one gasping, crying, laughing until the end of the story.
I won’t tell you the surprise ending, just that it’s unexpected. Kudos, Jade Lee. This is a wonderful, and thought-provoking romance. 
– Majorie Mindel, Goodreads review

5.0 out of 5 stars Regency, Time-Travel, Paranormal, it’s all in there. This story grabbed my attention from the start and I could not put the iPad down (I use Kindle for iPad app). Both the hero and the heroine were likable, complex and very human. It was a dialogue-driven book, and while I normally appreciate heavily detailed description of the food, the landscape and clothing, in this book I was glad not to have too many distractions. Usually mixed-genre books get too muddled but the way the author wrote this it was fantastic. – Amazon review

This was a great book. I loved the characters and the diversity of their personalities. the imagination and creativity was wonderful. There’s a lot of meat to this story and I enjoyed all of it. It kept me well interested (especially in wanting to see what on earth was going to happen next) and confused as to what to believe at times. There were some surprising twists and turns and a great ending that definitely leaves me wanting to read more. This was really well written and flows from one page to next without you even noticing. – Caro, Goodreads Review