Engaged in Wickedness by Jade Lee

Engaged in Wickedness

Walking down the aisle one rake at a time…


Lady Gwendolyn is playing with fire. She has a habit of wandering into illicit places with gentlemen just to see how well they kiss. It’s dangerous, but she can’t seem to stop herself and no one in her family is up to the task either.


Sir Edward Murray is the man who can tame her. He may be just a country baronet, in town for a spell then gone, but the vivacious Lady Gwen draws him as no other. So he devises a carefully plotted campaign to capture the lady as his own. But he never guesses the depth of the lady’s spirit or the power of her passion.


Why is Lady Gwen risking herself and her reputation with her scandalous forays? When Edward uncovers the truth, he is caught in his own stratagems. She figures out his deceit and may never forgive him. Can Edward convince her that some things aren’t as wicked as they seem? And that love is the wildest ride of all?

Dragonblade Publishing

October 22, 2019



Praise for

Engaged in Wickedness

5 stars — “wonderfully wicked and totally tantalizing romance” – Jackie, Goodreads review

5 stars – “I loved this book so much that I searched out the others in the series. It was so good I couldn’t put it down and also couldn’t wait to read the next one. Jade Lee is a great writer. It was not dull at any time during the whole story.” – Amazon reviewer

5 stars – “I selected this book as it had good reviews. I will add another good review to this book.
Light-hearted read which was error-free. Definitely recommend”
– Amazon reviewer

5 stars – “EXCELLENT” – Amazon reviewer

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