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Exciting Week!

So this week is really exciting for me. Guess why? Because my life is always exciting! I get to dream up stuff and write it down! I have a very rich fantasy life. 🙂 I’m going to be in NYC for the RWA National conference. I’ll get to see my writer peeps, talk books with […]

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Cover Reveal

I’ve got some exciting things coming up. Guess what! A cover reveal for One Rogue at a Time by Jade Lee. It’s an amazing heart-throbbing romance. Duh. That’s what the subject heading is. A new book out from Kathy Lyons. The Player Next Door. It’s an incredibly cool story that will melt your heart. RWA National Conference (that’s Romance […]

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Did I Do That?

I decided to try a new publishing venture. Guess what it is: I’m finally putting my strip tease act on video and uploading it to Youtube. And uh, sorry that the G string broke from the force of my gyrations. I gotta lose some weight, ya know? No I’m not! Between two pennames and my […]

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