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OMG It’s Monday! Week #6

What I saw in Costa Rica There was amazing scenery and great fun in Costa Rica, and I saw some great creatures I’d never encountered before. Guess which one I did NOT see. Howler monkeys Beautiful moth my son-in-law got drunk (see previous post) Grasshoppers larger than my hand Sea cucumber Costa Rica’s version of […]

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OMG It’s Monday! Week #5

The Things my Son-in-Law Shot While on vacation, my new son-in-law used a nifty telephoto lens and a wine-soaked napkin to take a picture of something he thought was cool. Guess what? My daughter as she sun-bathed. The wine was to get her sleepy enough to close her eyes and recline. A raccoon. He tempted […]

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OMG It’s Monday! Week #4

WHAT HAPPENED WHEN I GOT HOME Happy New Year Everyone! I’ve just returned from a fabulous family reunion in Costa Rica! Guess what I discovered on my return home! That my husband (who had returned early) had cleaned the house and done all the grocery shopping. That all the mail-order Christmas presents had finally arrived. […]

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OMG It’s Monday! Week #3

I gave up coffee this week. Do I regret it? Happy Monday Jade Lee / Kathy Lyons fans! Many times during my life, I have determined that my health and happiness would be improved by going caffeine-free. I’m trying it again, so this morning’s quiz is guess what I drink instead of my morning latte […]

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