Seduced by Crimson

Seduced by CrimsonFormat: ebook, audio
ISBN: 978-1-937198-21-3

Long ago Los Angeles became Crimson City, a glittering metropolis and sometime-battleground-onetime-home for humans, werewolves, and vampires. Before that, demons ruled. And with the Crimson Veil now torn asunder, those demons are on their way back.

There exist those who oppose the Dark Ones: mystics attuned to the earth, the druids. From San Bernardino they come, sending one of their mightiest–their Draig-Uisge. He can shape energy, twist it to harm or heal. But he must have something to bend, and the power can be summoned by one method alone…and from one source: the beauty Xiao Fei, the Phoenix Tear. Her blood is the key, along with her ecstasy; her union with Patrick means salvation. Yet in a world of vampires, werewolves and evil untamed, even a kiss can be deadly. Opposition lurks in every shadow, peril in every caress…and both redemption and oblivion lie in one woman being SEDUCED BY CRIMSON.

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Crimson City (formerly known as Los Angeles) — The not too distant future.

Botany Professor and Druid Patrick Lewis arrives just in time to watch demons kill his parents and several of his friends. With her dying breath, Patrick’s mother tells him to find the Phoenix Tear and close the gate. As Draig-Uisage of his clan, it’s up to Patrick to find Xiao Fei Finney, seduce her into having sex with him, and then kill her so her blood can aid him in closing the gate. Sounds pretty simple right? Wrong! Demons are hot on his tail, Xiao isn’t as receptive as he’d hoped, and well, this duty really sucks.

Xiao Fei Finney, the Phoenix Tear, never asked for this burden to be laid at her feet. A Cambodian orphan, Xiao was raised by monks and became one of the Phoenix Tears — a healer — complete with a body tattoo that is a work of art. How does Xiao Fei heal others? You’d think by her title it is with tears; however, that’s not it. She heals them with her blood. And get this; she’s a hemophiliac — free bleeder — which means she could die while she’s helping others. When Patrick enters her store, Xiao’s mind focuses on the pretty surfer boy with a seductive smile, until he asks for a plant native to Cambodia, the Phoenix persimmon. Her first thought is run, followed by the second…hide. Is he a Botany professor as he claims, or something else?

Soon the truth comes out and Patrick’s reasons for seeking out Xiao sound ludicrous but carry far more truth than she’d like to acknowledge. One thing does sound a bit far-fetched, though, and that’s the fact that the two of them have to have great sex in order to close the gate. Does he really think she’s that gullible?

SEDUCED BY CRIMSON starts off running and never lets up. Patrick is an honorable man who will do what is required of him even if he doesn’t like it. As the Draig-Usiage, his job entails killing, protecting, and carrying out his duty even to the death if need be. Patrick is an intriguing character, and he’s portrayed as a tough guy who also has a softer, caring side. He’s also a man torn between duty and love. Xiao was a young girl when she and the other Phoenix Tears closed the gate in Cambodia. Everyone else died except for Xiao. Now she is the last of her kind and scared to death. She can feel the Earth’s pain as the portal grows bigger and the demons pour through it. She knows that what Patrick says is true, but still, can she get past the gut-wrenching, nauseating fear to get the job done? Both Patrick and Xiao are multi-faceted characters with hidden depths and emotional journeys that have shaped the people they are today.

Jade Lee combines adventure and danger to make SEDUCED BY CRIMSON an emotional and heart wrenching story; one not to be missed. — Sinclair Reid

A gate has been opened between Earth and the demon world of Orcus. Not only does the gate allow the demons free access to Crimson City, it sucks the life out of the Earth; if it isn’t closed everyone on Earth will die.

Patrick has been raised as a druid and as the Draig-Uisge it is his responsibility to close the open gate. Thanks to the studies of his mother, he knows he needs to find the last Phoenix Tear – an adopted Cambodian waif who years previously, was the soul survivor the last time a demon gate was closed.

Xiao Fei may have been raised by Americans, but as the Phoenix Tear, knows she isn’t just an ordinary girl. As a hemophiliac, a cut could kill her; instead because of her physic abilities she can self heal. More importantly, her blood can change a turned vampire or werewolf human again and it is her blood that can close a demon gate.

Wow! This is an excellent series! Jade Lee has written a totally engrossing story that makes me want the next installment and I really enjoy her writing style. SEDUCED BY CRIMSON, I think, lives up to its title as Patrick and Xiao Fei have a very seductive as well as sensual story. I think more so than with some of the other action paranormals I’ve read.

I found Patricks and Xiao Feis’ relationship very interesting. Both are immediately drawn to one another for different reasons. However both have a very hard time acknowledging the bond that is forming between them because their relationship should be strictly business and is doomed.

Except I found it very funny that Patrick was positive that clinical sex would close the gate; as well as Xiao Fei’s blood. How could he dare get his heart involved when he knew that her blood would close the gate? Add to this – the last time she was involved in closing a gate twenty-nine Phoenix Tears died. Xaio Fei is only one Phoenix Tear…who was loosing a lot of blood just trying to stay alive.

I have only finished reading one other book in this series. There are so many characters I don’t know how they over-lap, however I think I might have “noticed” characters from three other books. I’m going to have to continue reading to find out if I’m correct! I don’t know if it would be better to read them in order or not. SEDUCED BY CRIMSON is more sensual than the other story I read but just as action packed. (I think this whole story encompasses three days!) I highly recommend this series and can hardly wait to read the next book!
–A PNR Review