Rules for a Lady

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book cover of Rules for a LadyRules for a Lady, by Katherine Greyle

Format: Print and e-pub
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-937198-05-3
Print ISBN 13: 978-1-468025-50-7
Print ISBN 10: 1468025503

To Become a Countess…
RULE #1: A lady does not attempt to come out in London society disguised as her deceased half-sister.
RULE #2: A lady does not become enamored of her guardian; even though his masterful kisses and whispered words of affection tempt her beyond all endurance.
RULE #3: A lady may not climb barefoot from her bedroom on a rose trellis, nor engage in fisticuffs with riffraff in order to rescue street urchins.
RULE #4: No matter how impossible the odds, a lady always gives her hand and her heart–though not necessarily in that order–to the one man who sees her as she truly is and loves her despite her flagrant disobedience of every one of the RULES FOR A LADY.

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“Greyle’s smooth writing style ensures a very fast read. Stronger female bonding could better develop the supporting characters. … Greyle’s forte in pacing and plot construction are comparable to notable Regency author Marian Devon.” – Romantic Times BookClub Reviews