OMG It’s Monday! Week #3

I gave up coffee this week. Do I regret it?

Happy Monday Jade Lee / Kathy Lyons fans! Many times during my life, I have determined that my health and happiness would be improved by going caffeine-free. I’m trying it again, so this morning’s quiz is guess what I drink instead of my morning latte to wake up. Can you guess:

  1. Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Waitsomeone once told me that there might be caffeine in chocolate. Couldn’t be!
  2. Green smoothie. I put a bunch of leafy greens and whatever fruit I have into a blender. Spin and voilabreakfast! (Also called Kathy’s Morning Pond Scum)
  3. Wake up? Who wakes up in the morning? I’ll have you know I get up at the crack of noon.
  4. Chicken bouillon cube dissolved in a mug of hot water. Tastes like broth, is hot, and only has 5 calories!
  5. None of the above. I’ve failed. I still have a half cup of coffee treasured in little sips. It’s my dirty caffeine secret.

Answer: 5. Sadly, I’ve not managed to go completely caffeine free. I really like how coffee makes me feel. I like the taste. I like the warmth to help me wake up. I’m getting my sister’s old espresso maker for Christmas. I’m going to try a decaf latte every morning. It’ll be a better version (and less calories) than all my chocolate cravings.

So what have you given up and did it work? Are you still free of the addiction?


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