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You are indeed quite a jewel to help me with this!

Here’s how it works: a few times a year (somewhere between 2-4 times per year) you’ll receive a package of postcards, trading cards, and maybe even a booklet or two. Just hand them out to your friends and your reading group. Feel free to give them to your local bookstore or librarian. But really, you can hand them to any of your friends who like reading romance novels.

Don’t be pushy. Don’t put them on car windshields or in other people’s books. This is a laid-back kind of thing. And you don’t have a time limit either. Get them out when you can. It’s really easy! And if you ever need more stuff, just email me! I’ll get you more as soon as I can!

In return, you’ll get some special thank you gifts I’m not telling you what they are ahead of time because that would spoil the surprise. Well, except for the first one. You’ll receive a backlist Jade Lee title for free!

In the meantime, thank you so much for being a jewel!


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