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Exciting Week!

So this week is really exciting for me. Guess why? Because my life is always exciting! I get to dream up stuff and write it down! I have a very rich fantasy life. 🙂 I’m going to be in NYC for the RWA National conference. I’ll get to see my writer peeps, talk books with […]

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Cover Reveal

I’ve got some exciting things coming up. Guess what! A cover reveal for One Rogue at a Time by Jade Lee. It’s an amazing heart-throbbing romance. Duh. That’s what the subject heading is. A new book out from Kathy Lyons. The Player Next Door. It’s an incredibly cool story that will melt your heart. RWA National Conference (that’s Romance […]

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Did I Do That?

I decided to try a new publishing venture. Guess what it is: I’m finally putting my strip tease act on video and uploading it to Youtube. And uh, sorry that the G string broke from the force of my gyrations. I gotta lose some weight, ya know? No I’m not! Between two pennames and my […]

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OMG It’s Monday with Jade Lee, Week #8

Week before last was exciting, but last week was even better. Guess why I was on vacation week before last, and last weekeven more! Fun, sun, and hot towel boys who rub my feet! The temperature got above freezing! And it didn’t snow! And next week, we’re supposed to see the sun for at least a few moments!  WOO […]

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