OMG It’s Monday! Week #6

What I saw in Costa Rica There was amazing scenery and great fun in Costa Rica, and I saw some great creatures I’d never encountered before. Guess which one I did NOT see. Howler monkeys Beautiful moth my son-in-law got drunk (see previous post) Grasshoppers larger than my hand Sea cucumber Costa Rica’s version of […]

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OMG It’s Monday! Week #5

The Things my Son-in-Law Shot While on vacation, my new son-in-law used a nifty telephoto lens and a wine-soaked napkin to take a picture of something he thought was cool. Guess what? My daughter as she sun-bathed. The wine was to get her sleepy enough to close her eyes and recline. A raccoon. He tempted […]

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OMG It’s Monday! Week #4

WHAT HAPPENED WHEN I GOT HOME Happy New Year Everyone! I’ve just returned from a fabulous family reunion in Costa Rica! Guess what I discovered on my return home! That my husband (who had returned early) had cleaned the house and done all the grocery shopping. That all the mail-order Christmas presents had finally arrived. […]

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OMG It’s Monday! Week #3

I gave up coffee this week. Do I regret it? Happy Monday Jade Lee / Kathy Lyons fans! Many times during my life, I have determined that my health and happiness would be improved by going caffeine-free. I’m trying it again, so this morning’s quiz is guess what I drink instead of my morning latte […]

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OMG it’s Monday, Week #2

My Daughter’s Pets So last week, I told you about my daughter’s trauma with the mouse in the house. (It was successfully killed by her cat with no harmful after effects.) This week you get to guess what her favorite childhood pet was. A pet mouse that was famous for escaping out of his cage […]

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OMG, It’s Monday! Week#1

OMG It’s Monday! Week#1 Hello Jade Lee / Kathy Lyons fans! Got a quick funny for you this morning. My daughter called me this morning VERY UPSET. (She sometimes talks in capitol letters). Guess why. Law school exams have made her insane. It’s cold in Michigan, and after 7 years in the south, she just can’t […]

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