• The Bear Who Did What?
      I’m just back from DragonCon in Atlanta.  Lots of pictures of the fun below. Guess what that has to with bears?      Grizzly bears attacked Atlanta, wiped out all cos players and ate all the sushi.    THE BEAR WHO LOVED ME released. Everyone read it and nominated me for     President. Next newsletter from the White House!     Absolutely nothing.  LOL    THE BEAR WHO LOVED ME launched [...]
    The world has lots of exciting and scary things going on right now. I’ve been watching the news and trying to balance normal life sanity with keeping up with what’s going on outside my door. And in the middle of that, I realized I’ve got four books coming out this fall. Yes, FOUR!   The first is out now! AS RICH AS A ROGUE, the third installment in my Rakes and Rogues series launched last week! [...]
  • The Inner Workings of a Writer’s Mind
    Ever wondered how I think? Here’s a glimpse into the way my brain churns out stories. I’ve always loved the smart hero over the alpha hero. Certainly alphas must be smart, but I’ll pick the witty scientist over that he-man Special Forces guy. If you’ve ever watched Stargate, I much preferred Daniel Jackson to Colonel Jack O’Neill. But even more than that, I love, love, love the self-aware [...]