• What’s in Your Closet?
    I was recently impulsive. (Cue: shocked gasp. Wait, was no one surprised?) I agreed to do a spring cleaning. It’s pretty simple and I’ve done it before. You remove 27 items from your home a day for 9 days. Why 27? There was some elaborate numerology thing, but my last experience told me that 27 […]
  • Can I Borrow Your Muse?
    I recently turned in two manuscripts. The first was the copyedits for AS RICH AS A ROGUE by Jade Lee. Isn’t the cover pretty?  Next, I turned in the revisions for the first book in Kathy Lyons’ new grizzly shifter series, THE BEAR WHO LOVED ME. No cover for that yet, but I promise, it’s […]
  • Guess What I’ve Changed!  
    I’ve had the same style hair for a decade—short bob that the kids didn’t grab or bury in peanut butter. My clothing style was comfortable and hardy. And my home décor has been decided by the previous owners of the furniture I inherited. But I’ve been empty nesting for a few years now. Life has slowed […]