• More from Barbara Vey’s Reader Appreciation Event
    I had a fabulous time at Barbara Vey’s reader appreciation luncheon. First off, I did the welcome speech that included a # phrase.  Guess what I wrote! #GiveMeBooks #Cupcakes&Grizzlies #IwasVeyed #HistoricalRomanceIsTheNewBlack Answer: 3.  #IwasVeyed   Barbara Vey loves readers. It is her mission in life to get great books into readers’ hands. And this event did just that. […]
  • What a party!
    Here are some pix that give you a taste of the fun we had at Barbara Vey’s Reader Appreciation Event.  
  • Barbara Vey’s Reader Appreciation Luncheon
    What a great event! I go every year, but somehow she manages to get better and better each time. So last year, I swore I’d make my table prettier than last time. Guess what I added? Tissue paper. Lots and lots of tissue paper. Who cares if it’s artistic? Gold nuggets are always stylish. I buried my table […]