• The Inner Workings of a Writer’s Mind
    Ever wondered how I think? Here’s a glimpse into the way my brain churns out stories. I’ve always loved the smart hero over the alpha hero. Certainly alphas must be smart, but I’ll pick the witty scientist over that he-man Special Forces guy. If you’ve ever watched Stargate, I much preferred Daniel Jackson to Colonel […]
  • More from Barbara Vey’s Reader Appreciation Event
    I had a fabulous time at Barbara Vey’s reader appreciation luncheon. First off, I did the welcome speech that included a # phrase.  Guess what I wrote! #GiveMeBooks #Cupcakes&Grizzlies #IwasVeyed #HistoricalRomanceIsTheNewBlack Answer: 3.  #IwasVeyed   Barbara Vey loves readers. It is her mission in life to get great books into readers’ hands. And this event did just that. […]
  • What a party!
    Here are some pix that give you a taste of the fun we had at Barbara Vey’s Reader Appreciation Event.